Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Tic Tac box

Well I got my machine Scan N Cut2 (CM650WX)
I did this tutorial simlar but I didn't have all she was using.. 
so I had to create what I could use.. 
I used witch from google then printed on cardstock
then used my SNC the circles and the shape scallop
here is my work not perfect but you know how they say 
Practice makes perfect..

here is the tutorial click below

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blog Revamp!! update news

Well I am no longer selling my wordarts in Daelmans Designs Store...
She does have an awesome store so go check it out many to see!

I also left CT for Alicia Mujica 
her store is 
I had alot of fun doing her tubes with her wonderful kits
there were alot of magic going on.. Thanks for having me!
Keep up the magic Alicia!! <3

I have alot going on.. but good stuff.. 
I got new Scan N Cut2 machine!!
I have alot of projects to do in the meantime so bear with me.. 
I love it so far... I will be doing more stuff like
Party favors, Cards etc.. and I will also still do Wordart, my side business Eyes of Sara 
I will have paypal if you want any wordart from my blog just message me.. 
There will be more coming I just need to sorted it out!

Many thanks to Jan Daelmans for letting me in her store!
Will miss it.. But our friendship will never end Love you girl!!  

Stay tuned for my new look!! 
Many Thanks to Dina I won random drawing to get her 20% of her
premade blog set... sweet!!

Check it out!
Congrats to other winners along with me.. 

Now off to my machine to get ready for my Garage sale sign.. 


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